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Oba is located approximately 200 miles North of Sault Ste. Marie, in Northern Ontario.

On your trip you will travel by car, rail and boat.

From Sault Ste. Marie, drive Highway 17 north to Wawa. 
Then follow the signs east on 101 to Hawk Junction.

Please Note: The ACR Passenger Train quit running in 2015. There is hope that it will be back up and running in 2016. If the train is not running, you will need to drive to Hearst and then down to Oba. We can send you driving directions. The ACR needs your support. There is a great effort to save this historical service. You can follow the progress of the efforts to save the train and add your support at the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains.

                  Bear Burger

If you arrive in Hawk Junction early, The Big Bear (across from the station) has great burgers!

                  Junction Station

Buy your tickets when the booth opens.

Stack your gear on one of the red wooden carts (you may have to share with others) so your gear is ready to be loaded on the train when it arrives.

There is plenty of free parking at the Hawk Junction Station

Riding the ACR

The train leaves Hawk Junction at 3:20 p.m. and travels 80 miles north via the Algoma Central Railway. (Link is currently unavailable)

If you prefer, you can catch the Algoma Central Railway in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
Summer Timetable  (Link is currently unavailable)
Algoma Central Railway: 1-800-242-9287

We will meet you at your train stop in Oba, Ontario and transport you a very short distance by truck to our boat launch.

Pick Up
                  At The TracksRide to the River

Then you will travel by boat down the Oba River 14 miles to Cameron Lake. 

                  Boats Down The River

If you prefer to drive to Oba, we have driving directions on our FAQ page.

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